Basic Black Bean And Bean Liqueur Preparation

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Basic Black Bean And Bean Liqueur Preparation

Prep Time: 24 hours

Cook Time: 3 hours

Yield: 10 cups beans / 8 cups bean liqueur

Basic Black Bean And Bean Liqueur Preparation

Canned beans should only be purchased if you have a last minute meal and you haven't prepared any yet. They are so easy to make, are more nutritious, and very, very inexpensive. This recipe is used to make enough basic black beans and black bean liqueur to make ahead and refrigerate. This way, you will always have some ready on hand if you decide to make something like black bean burgers, soft delicious brownies, or savory vegetable stock for your rice or other meals.



  1. Rinse beans. Put in a bowl for soaking. Add enough water that it covers the beans by about an inch or two. Add a piece of kombu. Soak for a period of 8 hours to overnight.
  2. Throughout the day, rinse and replace water. Repeat this up to 4 times.
  3. Drain beans.
  4. Add beans to large stock pot. Add water. This should be at least 3 times the amount of beans. Put on stove and bring to a boil. Cover and then reduce heat to a simmer.
  5. Simmer 2 - 3 hours until tender.
  6. Strain beans from liqueur (bean water).


Store liqueur for SAVORY VEGETABLE STOCK (see recipe) or set aside for other dishes in place of water.

Do not use rinsing water to cook your beans in. Soaking and rinsing ahead of time reduces phytates, tannin, starch contents and flatulence factors without affecting the nutritional content and making the excellent protein found in beans more digestible. Pour this out in the garden or use it to water your plants.

Black beans are very common and should be used often in vegan recipes because of the excellent plant-protein quantities, and health benefits of eating beans.

Kombu is added because it is believed that it helps to expel some of the gas producing qualities of beans. Putting in the Kombu is optional.

©2017 This recipe was created in Guatemala.

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